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Debra Wakefield

Debra Wakefield

Midwife, Certified Hypnobirthing Practitioner

I’m passionate about helping to make every birth a positive experience for each family.

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Lauren & Luke

Debra and her Hypnobirthing classes provided us with the tools and confidence we needed,...

Alex & Jack

I'm convinced out little boy is as chilled, content and alert as he is because of the...

Allison & Mark

Excitement awaits us. Debra's long experience as a midwife and skills as a hypnobirthing...

Amanda & Jarrod

I never would have thought that I would be able to have a natural and drug-free birth,...

Rowena & Daniel

Welcome to the beautiful Miss Lucy Louise. Her birth story is soon to be published.

Vicky & Daniel

I had wanted children all my life, and 15 years of waiting, the time finally came where...

Rebecca & Joel

The two Midwives that were present for the birth and my obstetrician were all shocked at...

Nellie & Jason

We are both so thrilled that we were able to have the birth experience that we were...

Cathy and Rob

I didn't do Hypnobirthing for my first birth, but after doing the Hypnobirthing...

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