Debra Wakefield

Debra Wakefield

Midwife, Certified Hypnobirthing Practitioner

I know birth can be an amazing and empowering experience. Yet, too often people’s birth education has been gained through Google, Hollywood or the experience of others. We surf the ‘net to find answers to many questions or believe everything we see in the movies. Often well-meaning family and friends feel it their role to inform a pregnant woman “How Birth Is” from their limited experience. These uncensored stories can instill fear for many women. It is my passion to help you prepare for the birth of you baby with confidence in yourself, trust in the birthing process and the tools to cope with whatever turn your birth takes. As a Nurse, Midwife, ChildBirth & Early Parenting Educator, Hypnobirthing Practitioner and Mother of four (and grandmother of 2), I have experience on many levels to help you achieve this.

Hello, I’m Debra, from Empowered to Birth.

Conventional Hospital Birthing Classes can be quite confronting. I know, because I teach these classes, both locally and previously at a large private hospital in Melbourne. The medical facts need to be taught in these settings, but often they are large, rushed and impersonal. I want to take the time to empower couples to be knowledgeable, flexible, assertive and prepared, no matter the mode of birth.

It is my passion to help pregnant women and their birth support person overcome fear and anxiety they may have about birth. Instead filling their birth preparation with positive images of birth and practical tools to cope with the journey through pregnancy, labour, birth and take this empowerment into their early parenting.
By attending one of my Hypnobirth Australia courses I can share all this with you.

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