I didn’t do Hypnobirthing for my first birth, but after doing the Hypnobirthing Australia course for my second birth, I totally wish I had. It was such a different experience from my first time, where I didn’t want to know too much, but was quite afraid of what could happen. The tools I learned in the Hypnobirthing Australia sessions gave me a sense of complete calm – I felt positive, empowered, and ready for the birth. My second birth was peaceful and beautiful. I left the hospital the very next morning and did not even feel like I'd just had a baby. Completely different to my first, where I had a very long physical recovery. Not only did the Hypnobirthing course help me pre and during labour, after the birth, I am now connected with many other “Hypno Mammas” as part of a social group that meet up informally. It has also really helped my husband understand how he could help – he really enjoyed the course too (I didn’t think he would, but he really did). It helped having such a wonderful presenter, and a great group of people to do the course with.
Thanks Deb for being so approachable, and so generous with your knowledge and your time. I can honestly not thank you enough.
Cathy Beswick-Davidson
And Rob

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