Nellie & Jason

We are both so thrilled that we were able to have the birth experience that we were hoping for; all natural, no intervention, quiet, calm and intimate. Thank-you.

Had a bad experience?

Debra's long experience as a midwife and skills as a hypnobirthing instructor can help. By discussing your experience, you can find out how learning techniques to manage fear and anxieties, can make your next birth a positive one.

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Hypnobirthing (Day)

Hypnobirthing (Evening)

Birthing Basics

Day Sessions are from 9am to 4pm. Please contact Debra for night session times.

Running out of time?

If you are getting close to your anticipated day of birth, donโ€™t panic about missing out. Debra can still help you with an Intensive Course. Please note, this is not an alternative to the full course. It is a short version, and is only run under extenuating circumstances.

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