What: Optimal Maternal Positioning Workshop

When: May 20th

Where: Bendigo, The Capital Theatre, View St.

Tickets: Eventbrite

The age-old “Optimal Fetal Positioning” philosophy has stood us in good practice for many years. As we move forward with new knowledge and new practices Optimal Maternal Positioning has become the new focus. When attending a workshop with Ginny Phang-Davey, birth workers will gain a well-rounded understanding of all pieces which come into play. Learning skills and techniques that focus on soft tissue (muscles, fascia and ligaments) and how optimal positioning of the mother helps the baby line up to best navigate the space they have in the pelvis to “get out”. The tips learned in these workshops are invaluable to help women in labour. Ginny has developed her course Optimal Maternal Positioning. Bendigo are hosting the full day workshop on May 20th at the Capital Theatre. There are limited tickets available, and with an early bird discount, if you purchase the Debra1, I get 1 ticket to give away for every 10 sold. Click here to follow the link for tickets

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