If you’re pregnant during the summer heat, you’re forgiven for feeling like pregnancy is a chore. You are probably feeling very uncomfortable in the heat. Especially if you’re in the third trimester. And there is a good medical reason for this. A pregnant woman’s body temperature runs slightly higher, making it more difficult to withstand the summer heat. But there are ways to get through this hot weather and cope. Try some of these helpful tips.

Stay Out Of The Mid-Day Heat

If you have chores that take you out of the house, try to do those things in the cool of the morning, or the late afternoon when the heat of the day has passed. It’s a perfectly legitimate excuse to have a siesta when you are growing a baby. Take the weight of your feet and avoid physical exertion in the middle of the day.

Put Your Feet Up

Yes, it is time to put your feet up. Hot weather can exacerbate the swollen feet and ankles, so spending time with your feet elevated helps. Try dipping your feet in cool water that can help too. Also, avoid wearing shoes that are too tight, these can dig in and feel really uncomfortable. Slip on sandals, even ones a size larger than usual are good.

Keep Hydrated

Keep a bottle handy and sip on water frequently to prevent thirst. It is really important to drink plenty of fluid and stay well hydrated. If you begin to feel thirsty, you are already showing signs of dehydrated. If you are sweating a lot, you might need more than just plain water to replace the salts lost in perspiration. Try drinking milk, juice or even a sports drink. Believe it or not, too much water can be a problem. Excessive water consumption can upset the electrolyte balance.

Keep Cool

Stay out of the heat. If possible stay in an air-conditioned environment. This is not always possible, so resorting to some of the old fashioned tried and true methods of keeping cool, including:

  • Use a wet cloth on the back of your neck or forehead
  • Use a fan to keep the air moving over your body
  • Keep the windows and curtains closed during the heat of the day and open them at night to let the cool breeze in.
  • A water spray bottle is handy. Give yourself a little squirt now and then to keep your clothing and skin damp. This is great, especially if there is a light breeze.

Cool Wardrobe

Make sure your clothing is breathable fabrics such as cotton. Avoid man-made fabrics such as nylon and polyester, as these are not breathable. Wearing cottons helps to reduce sweating. Choose loose flowing dresses, these are more comfortable than tight clothes. Also wear light colored fabrics, as these are cooler than dark colors.


Cooling down in water is one of the best ways possible. If you can slip into a pool or the sea, the water will help support your bump as well. Moving about in the buoyancy of water is gentle on yoru joints as well. If you have toddlers, consider a little wading pool, treat yourself to a soak in it. Even running a bath tip of water, and leaving the plug in to pop in and out through the day will help keep your temperature down.


Your skin is more sensitive to the sun during pregnancy. This is because your skin produces more melanin when you’re pregnant. Therefore it is vitally important to take extra care during the summer months. Remember the Slip, Slop, Slap message.

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