Birth Reflection

I love the quote by Jane Weidman “giving birth should be your greatest achievement, not your greatest fear”. And because birth is not always experienced in this positive and empowering way, I offer a 90 minute professional Birth De-Brief, at a mutually convenient time and place.

If you have experienced a difficult birth, it can leave you – including support people at the birth – with symptoms similar to PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder). You may have a negative reflection about the birth of your baby, or it may even lead to feelings of fear and helplessness about parenting, pregnancy or birth. If these emotions are not dealt with in a helpful way, it may leave negative impacts on your quality of life as a new family. For some people the prospect of future pregnancies and births can be so overwhelming that they delayed or even avoided future pregnancies.

I believe it is vitally important to have the opportunity to de-brief from these negative birth experiences. This was the baby’s birth can be put into a perspective and is able to be dealt with as you all move forward. Family and Friends are often the first point of call when wanting to talk things over, but not necessarily are they always the most helpful. Without medical understanding, they sometimes can unintentionally fuel the negative emotions of the experience. Occasionally retelling your birth story amongst friend, might inadvertently instil fear into other women (or men) who face going through birth in the future.

With my background in Nursing, Midwifery, ChildBirth Early Parenting Education and Hypnobirthing, I am qualified and experienced to be able to offer a birth de-brief. This can help you move forward from a negative birth.

For this reason I am offering a professional Birth De-Brief session to anyone who feels the need to talk through what occurred to them. In this session we go over your experience of the birth. I unpack the medical side of birth so we can explore how these events can be dealt with in a more emotionally productive way. I also put strategies in place for the future; how certain situations may be prevented and how to prepare for future births in a positive and calm manner. If, after this session you feel a need to follow up with a Hypnobirthing Class, there is a significant discount on a booking a course.

Healthy De-Briefing can put things into perspective and move forward with a positive anticipation for the future.

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