What: Supportive Caregivers Training

When: Saturday April 13th 9:30am till 4:30pm

Where: Strath Chiropractic

This is the most exciting event of all. I have been approved, as one of 3 in Victoria and one of 14 Australia wide, to deliver the Supportive Caregivers Training, for Hypnobirthing Australia™. 10 CPD points have been awarded through ACM and topics covered include:

  • Introduction to positive mindset of hypnobirthing
  • Causes of fear and how it affects labour (psychological, emotional, physical)
  • How caregivers can best help and support hypnobirthing parents
  • What is hypnosis and how it is used through pregnancy and birth
  • Re-programming the subconscious – conditioning techniques used
  • The importance of a calm birthing environment
  • The language for empowered birthing
  • Releasing endorphins through touch
  • Introducing our toolkit for birth – breathing, visualisation, relaxation
  • Self-hypnosis techniques – how parents use them through pregnancy and birth
  • The power of triggers, anchors, suggestions and self-hypnosis during birth
  • Prompts that can be used during birth
  • Birth Preferences – the importance of open communication, negotiation and respecting women’s choices
  • Special circumstances
  • Releasing our own fears and reservations
  • Techniques and tools to manage stress.
  • Deep relaxation techniques for caregivers (caregivers need nurturing too!)

The day starts at 9:30 on Saturday 13th April and runs through to 4pm, with snacks provided. The day is being held at my clinic rooms, at Strath Chiropractic, Strath Village. Not only will attendees earn themselves 10 CPD points approved by ACM, but also come away with an impressive folio of all the information covered. A certificate of attendance will be issued from Melissa Spilstead of Hypnobirthing Australia™ and participants will be supplied with and entitled to use the Hypnobirthing Australia™ Supportive Caregivers Logo on any of their media designs.

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